Using an AMD FirePro v7800 : EtherMining

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wanted to know if anyone has experimented with AMD's Firepro Gpu's for mining ether? if so what were there results? want to know if it is a practical investment or if regular gaming GPU's are the way to go? mining ether gpu. share improve this question follow asked Dec 13 '16 at 18:49. M.H.S. M.H.S. 31 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. add a comment 2 Answers Active ... Graphics cards AMD (ATI) To get the maximum performance use the 2.1 release of the ATI Stream SDK. 2.2 wastes CPU time, and 2.3/2.4 drop mining performance by 5-10% unless using the Phoenix phatk kernel. Bitcoin mining is big business these days, with people able to 'mine' a digital currency in their own homes. Before Bitcoin had its big take off, mining Bitcoin at home was actually lucrative - if ... Ethereum update: AMD FirePro S9100 Mining? Hello I am wondering if anyone has ever had the chance to have AMD FirePro S9100’s and if they have ever tried to use them for mining. I am currently trying to find info online but, haven’t come across much about these cards. If anyone has any info to share it would be greatly appreciated! PDF After its introduction in 2008, increasing Bitcoin prices and a booming number of other cryptocurrencies lead to a growing discussion of how much... Find, read and cite all the research ...

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5GHs Bitcoin mining rig - YouTube

5Gh/z in hashing power, just added another mining rig, A very compacted set up, currently with 3 system it only takes up 3 x 3 x 2 feet. I have 8x5870 and 4x... Brian Armstrong Live: Coinbase Trading, Bitcoin Mining, BTC Price Stay Home NOW Coinbase PROMO 7,647 watching Live now Things you can make from old, dead laptops - Duration: 19:03. I need more 5850 cards at $139!!! Hash Rate How to optimize your AMD GPU for mining using Radeon/Adrenalin software. Also suggested is MSI Afterburner, but not required. In this video I show how I adju... my Bitcoin Mining Speed with ATI Radeon HD 5870. How Much? can you make from building and mining 6 GPU rig with Ethereum and NiceHash Part 1 - Duration: 19:53. How Much? 887,138 views